6 Reasons to Shop at Trader Joe’s

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I started shopping at Trader Joe’s (TJ’S) a year ago. I’ve had avoided buying there before because of how crowded it is. But now, its become my go-to grocery store. The first time I went to TJ’s was for work to buy snacks for a meeting. I filled my shopping cart and only spent $28– way under the budget of $40. I looked at the receipt and noticed how low-priced the items were. And that is what makes TJ’s such awesome grocery store and the reason why it’s always crowded–their reasonable prices of great products.

Trader Joe’s was founded in 1958, originally a convenience store called, Pronto Markets. Over the years they’ve expanded, and there are now almost 500 stores nationwide! They describe themselves as “your neighborhood grocery store.” But how are they’re able to have low-priced items? There are two reasons. First, all their products are bought directly from vendors in volume. Second, unlike other grocers who charge suppliers for putting an item on the shelf, TJ’s doesn’t, which results to their low prices.

I love shopping at Trader Joe’s so much that I live next to a grocery store in Astoria, Queens and still choose to buy at TJ’s in Chelsea during lunch. To then, travel home with two heavy grocery bags on the train, during rush hour! However, I am not the only one– others do it too. If you are not a Trader Joe’s shopper, but looking for an organic or healthy grocery store, I recommend TJ’s! I share below six other reasons to convince you to shop there and why it’s worth it.

1. Great Customer Service!

Since I started shopping at TJ’s I’ve had the best experience. Their employees are always happy and smiling– willing to help, and know where everything is. The cashiers are genuine and often speak to you as they scan and bag your things. Also, their return policy is fantastic!

2. Do not be intimidated by their long lines.

Like I’d mentioned, one of the reasons I never stepped foot in TJ’s was because of the long lines– but, I promise you will never stand in line for more than 10 minutes. The lines move quickly because they make sure to have twenty or so registers open.

3. Spending under $120 (bi-weekly)

Being that I am in debt, spending $140-$160 or more bi-weekly at a regular grocery store, to now spending under $120, is incredible and a relief. If you are frugal as I am and buy only what is necessary, you’ll save and purchase healthy and quality products at TJ’s.

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4. Healthy Macro-friendly food

If you count macros or generally healthy, Trader Joe’s is the best to shop for such food and items. Please click here to direct you to my TJ’s shopping list, which includes the cost for each item, and macro-nutrients.

Click here to read, Health Coach and Blogger, Brittany Mullins’, list of 50 Healthy Trader Joe’s Items that I read in May. She took pictures of all items, which is helpful when trying to find them in store. And if you subscribe to her blog, she’ll email you her Trader Joe’s 7 Day Meal Plan!

5. Environmentally friendly and one-of-a-kind products

A typical grocery store carries 50,000 products, whereas Trader Joe’s stock 4,000 products. At first, I thought I’d mind that TJ’s doesn’t have a variety of brands to select from; but I am okay with it. In fact, I love shopping there because I don’t have to spend time choosing a good enough and affordable brand item. Most of TJ’s products are under its own private label, environmentally friendly, and of great quality. They’re known to phase out any vendor whose item(s) doesn’t do well–

“If an item doesn’t pull its weight in our stores, it goes away to gangway for something else.”

6. It’s a cool, unique, and happy place to shop!

It is great shopping at Trader Joe’s because it is easy to navigate their products even at their most crowded hour. All of their stores are large and open spaced– walls with cedar planks and donned crew in cool Hawaiian shirts.”  TJ’s sell unique-quality products, such as gourmet food, organic food, vegetarian food, frozen food, imported food, domestic and imported wine and beer, personal hygiene products, household cleaners, vitamins, pet food, plants, flowersand so much more! 


Trader Joe’s has many locations across the U.S. and still growing. If you do not live near one, make an effort, travel, and begin shopping there! Shopping at Trader Joe’s is worth it and will save you money on great-quality products!


How many times a month do you shop at TJ’s?

I honestly go twice a week but during their least crowded hour. 


50 Healthy Trader Joe’s Items + A Trader Joe’s Meal Plan 

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It?

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What are subscription boxes?

They are boxes that contain an assortment of products – typically with a common theme, such as beauty boxes, pet boxes, or food boxes.  Your subscription automatically delivers to you periodically for the length of your subscription. The majority of the services keep each month’s specific box items a surprise and allows you to set subscriber preferences to personalize your box.

Did I do the right thing subscribing to subscription boxes?

Yes! I signed up for very reasonably priced subscriptions, and so far I love it. I have no regrets because it is exciting to receive packages and to try something new every month! Plus, if you need or want to cancel for a while it is easy, just go to your account settings and click cancel my subscription. Some may ask for a reason, but they are just doing that for customer service purposes.

Below are six subscriptions services I recommend:



Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a truly personalized shopping experience, for you and your family. Fill out your Style Profile and a Personal Stylist will handpick pieces to fit your tastes, needs, and budget—and mail them right to your door. Each box has a curated choice of clothing, shoes, and accessories for you to try on at home. Merely keep the items you love and send back the rest in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are always free—even for exchanges!



Athena club is all about convenience– known to make your period simpler with high-quality feminine products.  When subscribing, you can select the product, assortment, quantity, and frequency; then wait for it to get delivered to you every month. Prices vary, depending on the number of tampons in your order.



Splendies is a company selling comfortable and affordable underwear, costing just $13.99 a month for three pieces. You begin by choosing your size and style– whether panties, thongs, or a mix of both. The undies are cute and of good quality.

Sephora Play Box


For $10 each month Sephora curates a selection of new and best-selling products from makeup, hair care, skincare, and fragrance. When subscribing you have to answer a ten-minute survey questionnaire that helps determine what you will receive. Sephora Play is ideal for anyone who cannot afford some of their expensive products, like me. LOL. Or anyone who likes trying new products and makeup.

Walmart Beauty Box


At just $5, you’ll receive a beauty box, four times a year with an assortment of new beauty products. Every seasonal box varies, you may sometimes receive a box with just foil packet samples, and there is the season you will get full sized items. It is a hit or miss, but for $20 a year, why not try it?



EarFleek is an online subscription service that sends you a fun and trendy pair of earrings every month for $3.49. You select one of four personality subscription options, and a stylist makes sure to send you something you will love that reflects your personality. Also, they have a feature that allows you to swipe through their trendy styles, letting them know what you like and dislike.


Would Subscription Boxes work for everyone? 

No. It all depends on the person. If you are a person unwilling to try new things and does not like surprises, Subscription Boxes may not be for you.