Book Recommendations

This page is dedicated to all the books I read over the past two years that has opened my eyes to figure out who I am and what is my purpose in life.

January 2019

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Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup is an inspiring book full of step-by-step instructions and spiritual wisdom. She is authentic and honest as she shares her journey from spending a lot to discover life is better when it’s simple and with fewer things. She is like a teacher educating you how to manage your spending. Ruth is transparent about her own mistakes and leads you to reevaluate your priorities. I highly recommend reading this book if you need to change the way you spend or with prioritizing what is important in your life.

“A life of true contentment is one we have to work for, and one we actively choose. It means taking the time to identify our priorities and know what truly matters in life. It means being intentional about desiring the things we can’t see rather than all that glitter around us. It means making the decision to stop looking at what everyone else has…”

– Ruth Soukup

If you are committed and need a step-by-step guide to living well spending less, I suggest to also read Ruth’s 31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero. It is a book that challenges you not to spend by decluttering your living space, gathering innovative ideas by using items you already have on hand, and learning simple tricks and tips for selling your stuff, slashing your bills, and even saving on food. It is a book that can genuinely change the way you live, making it simple and less overwhelming. It is easy to read and broken down into five-parts (weeks), and for each day you are given an assignment. If you wonder how you will manage it all, Ruth is fantastic at suggesting the best practical and economical ways of completing each task.


I came across Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, on Amazon as #1 bestseller! The book is such an eye-opener that I bought the hard copy and reread it after reading it on my Kindle! Rachel’s style of writing pronounces her desire to help women become a better version of themselves. Her voice is encouraging that without having seen Rachel on social media when I started to read the book, I pictured how she’d be– a person with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I wasn’t wrong; she is exactly how I’d imagined her.

The book contains 20 chapters of the lies Rachel once believed. She debunks each myth through personal experiences. Some sections may not apply if you do not have children, but the must-read chapters are:

Chapter 1: The Lie: Something Else Will Make Me Happy

“When I say unhappy, I mean discontented, unsettled, frustrated, angry– any number of emotions that make us want to hide from our lives instead of embracing them with arms wide open like a Creed song.”

Chapter 2: The Lie: I’ll Start Tomorrow

“You’ll set a goal and surprise yourself when you achieve it. You’ll teach yourself a new way to behave and set a standard for the type of person you truly are– not the one you’ve dreamed about becoming, but who you practice being every single day.”

Chapter 3: The Lie: I’m Not Good Enough

“You should be the very first of your priorities! … to ensure that you stop trying to run from your problems is to face them head-on.”

Chapter 4: The Lie:  I’m Better Than You

“ … look for the ones who want to build each other up instead of tear each other down.”

Chapter 5: The Lie: No is the Final Answer

“Friends, it’s not about the goal or the dream you have. It’s about who you become on your way to that goal.”

Chapter 12: The Lie: I Need To Make Myself Smaller

“If you’re a people-pleaser like I was, this is especially hard because my instincts are to ensure that everyone likes me at all times. So I decided to get out of my own way and stop focusing…”

Chapter 14: The Lie: I’m A Terrible Writer 

“I can write down words and send them out into the world and hope they find a home. Or I can hide my light under a bushel because I’m too afraid someone won’t like the glare.”