BOMT 2018

What is Book of the Month? It is a monthly subscription book service, costing $13.99 a month. You get to choose one out of five books from different genres. Once you carefully make a selection, they ship it to you right away and receive it within five to eight business days. BOMT bills on the 25th of every month.Β 


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4 star

One Day in December by Josie Silver is the kind of novel that will touch your heart and make you believe in love. It’s a heartwarming love story, meant to be against all the odds. The story is told through Jack and Laurie’s perspectives. It begins from the moment they see each other for the first time on a snowy day in December, and unfolds throughout ten years, following their ups and downs, heartaches, relationships, misunderstandings, friendship, and undeniable connection. Laurie and Jack have the world’s worst timing and an impossible road to love and happiness; however, you can’t help but root for them. Will they ever actually get to be together?

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