About Glenys Boyne


The photo was taken on New Year’s Eve, also my birthday. My mom took this photo and said I look so happy, and I was! It was a perfect day to end 2018 and turning 28 years old.

My story and journey began in 2016 when I left a job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to become a teacher. I had always wanted to be an educator because it was my favorite thing to play as a kid besides writing. However, six months in, I was miserable. I was so stressed and anxious, my shoulders tensed which caused a piercing headache that did not entirely go away months after resigning.

Now that it has almost been three years, I look at my experience differently. I realized that I did not quit because teaching is a terrible profession; it isn’t– education is a rewarding career. I resigned because deep down I knew being an educator wasn’t for me. It was, however, an experience I needed to have to grow and evaluate my purpose in life.

Figuring out my passion and purpose was not easy, but I intentionally did things to encourage personal growth, such as reading books and listening to podcasts. As I started to become acquainted with some authors and podcasters from following them on social media, I learned that many started out as bloggers.Β Their unique stories of how they began, inspired me to do the same. I started this blog for the following reasons:

  1. Inspire and influence others on self-awareness and living a happy and healthy lifestyle.
  2. Practice my writing style and become a better writer.
  3. Build an Author Platform

I noticed most bloggers have one thing in common; they all have a story to tell, a reason for putting themselves out there. Like them, I have stories and experiences, a reason for putting myself out there too. I want to log my journey and share my knowledge as I write and self-publish my first novel. At the same time, I hope to encourage personal growth and living a happy and healthy lifestyle by sharing some of my heartfelt experiences.

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