Why COVID-19 in the year 2020?

I am not even sure how to begin this blog post. There are so many emotions in me that I want to express. I am angry, sad, confused, disappointed, shocked, and scared all at the same time. I have been waking up with anxiety, crying, and begging for the Universe to hear my plea. I continuously seek advice via Oracles cards every day in hopes of grounding my sanity. Every day seems to get harder as I feel defeated. Feeling resilient and having strength is hard when freedom is being taken away, and there are not enough people working together or willingly to notice. We are told to keep separated from each other through “social distancing” from even our families.

It has made me question is this all worth it? Can there be another way to deal with this virus? I look at countries like New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland, Germany, Finland, Norway, and Denmark (and they all have women Presidents), and they have had a positive response to COVID-19. Here we are, the “so-called” progressive country, ruining the economy even more than it already was, and to top it off, we are being treated like prisoners. The shelter-in-place and “social distancing” began so that we “save lives,” but we have reached a point where the restrictions have gotten out of hand. It is starting to feel more like a dictatorship than preventing the spread of the virus.

I have been discerning and skeptical about the whole thing since the beginning. Partly, because that is in my nature to question everything and make my conclusions, rather than follow. Why? Because every human being has the capacity to “know” things, deep in the gut and heart, by using the power of awareness. Indeed, many may not be able to because it does take practice. Still, it is doable as long as the individual is receptive by meditating, self-development practices, and in connecting with the Universe. It also takes a person to believe that we are omnipresent beings.

Something about the COVID-19 rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Especially more now since there are over 22 million unemployed and only 2 million have contracted the virus. Yes, I did agree with the shelter-in-place to help prevent the spread, but it did not have to go to extraneous measures. Or did it?

I truly believe that there are two parts of this–the good and bad.

The Good: Our government is due for significant reform. Therefore, the more this prolongs, the faster it will accelerate the change. The Universe is currently working in our favor. While there will be all types of pain (such as loss and death), we will be rewarded immensely with the change that will not only save us but the earth. This is important to note because the planet and every living thing in it is moving towards the 5th Dimension

The Bad: Our government system will stop at nothing to keep themselves in power and have authority. They will use every tactic in their books to keep controlling our lives.

Now let’s briefly dive into Conspiracy Theories. Do I believe what conspiracists are saying about the government having a secret agenda behind COVID-19? Yes! I have researched the deep dark secrets of our government’s history, and it doesn’t surprise me that COVID-19 is part of something bigger. That is a major cover-up. I also believe that it is a test to see how we react in such apocalyptic conditions.

Let’s take a look at some facts. Our economy has been crumbling for some time now. It is ridiculous to have our economy run by the stock market. It is clear that since its existence, it has done nothing but create instability in the economy. So, can it be that COVID-19 was implemented to cover up the fact that the world economy has deeply collapsed to the point that there is no way of turning back or making it better? Imagine the rage of billions of people knowing that the government ruined the economy? Yes, absolutely! And this is not the first time our government has used such tactics to cover up their mess! The trick is in finding out more by looking deep into our history. And when I mean history, I don’t mean what you have learned in school, because all of that you’ve learned is not 100% true. You will have to do research and dig deep. There are many resources. You have to be willing to look them up and see for yourself. It is not hard to find credible books and websites nowadays.

How is COVID-19 used to cover up a major economic collapse? Two significant ways: the implementation of the CARES Act and major unemployment. Think about it; trillions of dollars are being put to aid businesses and in that, a stimulus. Then, there are 22 million Americans currently unemployed, receiving $600 a week! Now ask yourself, where will the economy go from here? Will the currency depreciate and have no value, like in the Great Depression, or could this be worse? I would say the latter, but we will soon see how this all plays out. According to the Washington Times in an interview with Ron Paul, a former Republican from Texas stated that “Even the bad guys are admitting it, and that is they made these dire predictions so that they could go ahead and destroy peoples’ civil liberties and spend a lot of money and make up an excuse on why the stock market actually went down — all kinds of things by having this coronavirus event blown way out of proportion.” In an article published by the UK Daily Mail, states that the US National Institute of Health awarded 3.7 million in research grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is the original location of the outbreak. What it is more interesting is that Wuhan lists the US National Institute of Health on their website as their partner as well as other American institutions. I don’t know about you, but this puts to question why isn’t our government openly admitting to their involvement in Wuhan? 

Now let’s talk about Social Distancing and how that comes into play. First, who coined “social distancing?” It is a terrible phrase. They should have been better off just using the phrase “containment,” and not one that connotes social separation as if that is what will save us. I mean, this is a country well known to use tactics of separation to maintain control. It wasn’t until the 1960s that discrimination ended for African Americans, then it was the Muslims, after 9/11. Therefore, it is not surprising that the phrase is used for similar purposes–to encourage detachment and disconnection during a time that we NEEd to be more connected as we are ascending into the 5th Dimension. And of course, they KNOW that a major awakening is happening on this planet. So it makes sense to force separation since it interrupts the 5th Dimension frequency as we are kept inside, in fear, and uncertainty.

The virus itself can be treatable by advocating how to strengthen immunity. For those who still believe that this is a deadly virus, it is not. If that were the case, millions would have been dead right now, and we have not reached that point. What is more astonishing is EVERYONE is taking suggestions from Dr. Fauci, and there are thousands of specialists in the world that can also assist in finding answers and work together. Yet, we are taking advice from one tiny man? That alone should be questioned. I have not recalled Dr. Fauci mention ways to strengthen the immunity. He has made it seem like our bodies are incapable of fighting the virus when it truly can. If that is not true, why are there more recoveries than there are deaths? Does it have to do with doctors? Yes, a little, but it has to do more with our immune system. In case you did not know, our bodies are capable of healing from any disease or viruses. The problem is that many are unaware and have unhealthy habits that make their immune system prone to the virus attacking to the point of death. However, if people were to change those unhealthy habits towards a holistic and healthy one, the virus won’t attack to an acute state. It would just be like mild flu.

According to a very recent to an article published in France, they found that the virus itself is not the only thing or perhaps even the main thing we need to target. An even bigger problem may be a bacteria called Prevotella, which is what causing the symptoms and messing with the blood oxygen levels, which is making the virus worse for many with weak immune systems. Prevotella eats host iron to survive and can completely mess with the hemoglobin in the blood, preventing us from oxygenating our tissue, thus causing hypoxia. The article states, “Bacteria of the Prevotella genus appeared to contain SARS-Cov-2 virus DNA as if the virus had infected the bacteria.” Therefore, people with pre-existing conditions like diabetes and hypertension already have an overgrowth of Prevotella in the gut and mouth. The article goes on to explain that the SARS-COV-2 behaves like a bacteriophage, a virus that infects bacteria, “the noose tightens when we learn that infections involving Prevotella are already known to cause respiratory symptoms including acute ones.” The article goes on and brings up a good point that children have lower risks because they have a low Prevotella. That is, children have much healthier microbiomes than adults. They don’t have overgrowths, and they have more bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which are protective “probiotics” against Prevotella. That also explains why 75% of those affected in Italy had hypertension, and the rest have diabetes. Please note that our immune system lies in the microbiome, and this is a perfect example of why we need to begin to balance our gut and change our diet NOW! How? Avoid anything that encourages Prevotella overgrowth, like high carbohydrates, high sugar diets, processed foods, and poor oral hygiene. Begin to inhibit Prevotella with the following, ginger, orange peel, onion, garlic, green tea, rosemary, cayenne & other spices, cloves, polyphenols, and herbs such as basil, red root, wormwood, sweet annie, and fennel. 

One more angle to look at this is the forced vaccination. Will that be necessary? And if it is something that we will have to do to continue to live freely, will they let us know the ingredients in the vaccine. Again, I highly recommend digging deep into what vaccines contain. There is a reason why many refuse to get it. I have never gotten a flu vaccine and have preferred to allow my body to undergo influenza so that my immune system can cleanse and strengthen. Yes, it is terrible to have the flu, but the body needs to get sick once in a while. What matters is how you take care of yourself, and over the counter medicine is the worst thing you can do. You are better off sleeping, drinking ginger tea, and eating a raw clove of garlic every day until you begin to feel better.

Nevertheless, there should not be anyone on this planet, no matter how smart they are, force us to get a vaccine, especially if they are unwilling to disclose the ingredients. Bill Gates needs to stop playing God and concentrate on what he knows best because he and his family have NEVER taken a flu vaccine. So why would you/we consent to this new vaccine?

So if you still are on the fence and still believe that the government is innocent about what is going on, that is fine. I have faith that as things keep evolving, you too will see the pattern; otherwise, you wouldn’t have stayed reading this long. You know deep down that something is wrong here, and it is more significant than anything anyone has experienced before. What is currently happening has been written in the stars and planets for thousands of years, and it is the millennial and centennial generation’s responsibility to clean up the mess of the baby boomers and generations before. That is our true calling as a collective and human beings on earth.

We have reached a point where the earth is drying up and in need of our attention. We have reached an end where we are so disconnected from nature that we have lost our true purpose to materialism and superficiality. We have given up our power to authority. We have allowed for strangers that we don’t personally know to make decisions on our livelihoods. This all NEEDS to STOP!

I know that this is a lot to take in. Trust that when I began doing my research, it was hard for me to believe. But it led me to dig deeper and deeper and connect the dots from hundreds of sources. But trust that knowing this type of knowledge gives peace, true freedom, strength, and resilience, something that our government does NOT want us to have. Because the more we know, the less we listen, and they completely lose control. And even though they may be the culprits of COVID-19, trust that the Universe will not leave us. It is protecting us and making us stronger. Their way of mandating “social distancing” and “stay home” tactics is doing nothing but making us question, become angry, take the time to know who we really are, away from such strict and rigid-routined way of living. The upside of this all is that we are given a chance to be in touch with our creative side, something that we have neglected and ignored, thus making it difficult to find out our real purpose.

Now more than ever, we need to stand together and be against the government’s controlling tactics. It is clear that they aren’t on the same page, and we are all getting bombarded with crap that stimulates fear and separation. This is just the beginning, and all will be out in the open as they keep prolonging this. Understand that they know that we are waking up. This is the year that we need to take back our power and live peacefully on a planet that we call Gaia, the mother of us all.

Take what I said above with a grain of salt. Please leave a comment (good or bad) on how you feel about the situation. At this point, there is no right or wrong answer, but the more we speculate, do research, and look within ourselves for answers, I guarantee that you WILL be directed to the truth no matter what.

6 thoughts on “Why COVID-19 in the year 2020?

  1. People like you will end up killing people like me. Why? Because your rejection of what you like to call “containment” means greater levels of infection, larger numbers of people in hospital, and a much much larger risk that an asthmatic diabetic like me will catch the virus and then will not have quick access to high tech medical help. Work the numbers! Or have you no compassion?


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