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Friends was one of the most popular tv shows in the United States during the ’90s. Now, it is the most-streamed show in the world. It is a short twenty-minute sitcom that can really light up your day when feeling gloomy. 

It is a wonder why Friends is still so popular. To this day, some tourists take selfie photos in front of the edifice and cafe where Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey supposedly lived and hung out, along with Ross and Phoebe. If someone were to ask a subway car full of people if they’ve ever watched Friends, it is a guarantee that at least seventy-five percent would raise their hand. Not only can the show make you laugh until you cry, but the characters and their circumstances are relatable to today’s millennial and centennial generations. 

The characters were meticulously concocted. The writers even matched the character’s personalities with their astrological sign! The show begins when they’re in their mid-twenties and lasts for ten seasons. Viewers experience watching six best friends evolve and transition, reminding us that life has many surprises, and it is full of possibilities.

Below is a list of reasons Friends is a must-watch sitcom, in case you haven’t!

The characters

Rachel – Taurus

Rachel’s character is funny, warm, and will never let down someone she cares about. She has a nurturing spirit, and although she can be stubborn and difficult, she tends to receive back the love she puts out. Rachel easily attracts people to her, and usually, her life lessons are often based on love and relationships.

Monica – Aries

Monica is generous to a fault and will always share what she has. However, Monica’s character can also be demanding and over-competitive. She likes things her way and has a temper that can spring out of nowhere, but she is also quick to forgive. Monica loves to boss people around and is extremely clean and organized.

Phoebe – Aquarius

Phoebe’s character has an innate sense of freedom and an unconventional approach to life. She admires others who dare to be a unique individual, and she too strives to express her original thoughts. Phoebe makes an excellent but unthreatening rebel, ahead of her time, and strangely detached at the most crucial times. She tends to put her foot in by speaking her mind in a cool fashion, unaware that she may be treading on other people’s toes.

Ross – Libra

Love is Ross’ guiding light. He draws people in with his delicate nature, but he tends to get lost in the past, focusing on mistakes instead of letting go and moving on. Ross goes out of his way to please his partner and gives one hundred percent of himself to a marriage or true-love commitment.

Chandler – Sagittarious

Underneath Chandler’s overly confident exterior, he has a modicum of shyness and insecurity. He cannot bear to be misunderstood, and even though his character is rebellious and independent on the surface, Chandler needs a lot of love. This vulnerability is hidden under a large dollop of bravado.

Joey – Capricorn

Joey’s character is loyal. He has a big heart and will defend those he loves with his very life. Joey is tenacious in pursuit of his acting career but would like to be lazy and cruise the world living in the lap of luxury. If things come too easily, he tends to take them for granted.

What can you learn from the show?

You must have roommates to live in New York City.

The show begins with Rachel living with Monica since she is a waitress and gets paid minimum wage. Chandler has a good and stable job; however, Joey’s acting gigs are unstable, leaving Chandler to pay for most of the rent. The show far predicted how the majority of the millennial generation are living with one or more roommates to make rent and support themselves. New York City is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. If you are not making at least $65,000 a year, it is impossible to live on your own. Rent for a studio, depending on the borough in an average neighborhood, range from $1500 – $1950.

“I live in Astoria, Queens, in a 600 square feet, one-bedroom apartment and pay $2100 a month.” –G

Be honest and embrace who you really are

Phoebe is probably the only character that is not afraid of being honest and accepting herself for who she really is. She is oddly well-rounded since she underwent many difficult experiences as an adolescent. Phoebe’s mother killed herself; her biological father abandoned her and her twin sister. She was also homeless for many years until she started her career as a masseuse.

It is no mystery why Phoebe is the wisest of the group. Her past experiences have empowered her to be bold and forthright with herself and others she genuinely cares about. It is Phoebe’s unique way of encouraging her friends to embrace who they really are.

Be honest with the people you care about

Joey is not honest with the women that he is temporarily in relationships with, but when it comes to people he loves and respects, lying is out of the question. He continually reminds us that it is better, to be honest from the beginning than lying and hurting people we care about.

It takes time to find the right person

Each character has their unique experience finding love. Monica and Chandler fall in love after being friends for many years. Ross and Rachel realize they belong together at the very end. Phoebe finds her true love and marries after spending most of her life dating scumbags except for David, the scientist. As for Joey, it is a mystery, but throughout the show, he displays the capability of falling in love but has not found the right person.

You need to start somewhere in your career

Right around the beginning of Saturn’s return, the characters struggle with their careers. However, with determination and unexpected obstacles, each of them ends up doing what they love. For example, Rachel started as a waitress, clueless about what to do with her life. She ends up being a top executive at Ralph Lauren.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

No matter what happens in life—whether it is going through grief or losing a job— there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The darkness in the tunnel is an ending, which then leads to the lightness of new beginnings. Through unique experiences, each of the characters goes through challenging moments, but in time, things always tend to work out.


Friends will continue being one of the most favored shows for years to come. If you haven’t watched it, please do so.

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