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It is challenging to lose a job. No matter the circumstance, getting laid-off can mess with our emotions and stimulate insecurity, especially for those who have been in an organization for many years. It is probably one of the top ten hardest things we go through in life. It can be unexpected for most people, but some are perceptive and know before it happens. 

I knew that I was going to get laid-off. I had mentioned it to my husband, mother, and friend a week before it happened. No matter how much my boss and the other executives tried to hide it, I noticed that something was off and not in a good way. For two entire weeks, I felt anxious, had tense shoulders, and headaches regularly. I realize now that it was my mind, body, and soul sensing their energy, warning me about what was to come.” —G.

We go through many cycles and transitions. Obstacles always have to happen—to stimulate change in our lives. Getting laid-off is a sign for you to start fresh somewhere else, or to seek opportunities in other areas. It could even be a sign for you to start your own business. Whatever the case, be open to possibilities and know this is meant to happen.

Take a deep breath. If you are reading this because you have been recently laid-off, know that you are not alone. Below are a few tips to help you during this transition.

Take a few days to heal and forgive

Take a few days off to ground yourself. It is okay to have all types of feelings. Do not suppress it; let it flow through you. It is the only way to heal and forgive. Cry, be upset, and be sad—it is okay. Allow yourself to feel the emotions for a few days, then let it go.

Register with Unemployment Insurance

After a week, make sure to register with UI, even if you are on severance. UI can provide temporary benefits (even after your severance ends) while you are searching for another job. Unfortunately, the allowance may not be as much as your previous income. Still, it is something to sustain yourself while you find something else. 

Meditate to find clarity

Take this time to be clear about your next big step. This is your chance of making necessary changes in your life that align with what you are really meant to do. Meditation can help you get clarity and direct you to your next job or career.

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When to start looking for a job?

It all depends if you are on Severance pay or not.

If you are on severance pay, be strategic while applying for a new job. Be mindful and search for opportunities that best align with your experiences, interests, and growth.

If your company does not provide temporary severance pay, then after taking a day or two to ground yourself, begin to apply immediately!

Allow things to flow

There will be times when you feel like controlling every moment. Every time you want to accomplish by force of will, it is your ego that is pushing things, not your pure soul’s desire. Especially in fearing that you may not find a job. Unfortunately, you cannot control any aspect of this transition. Trust that from a state of non-resistance, everything can happen smoothly and effortlessly.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue for a reason. Just like you have to allow things to flow during this transition, you need to be patient. That is the key to keep your vibration and energy high so that the Universe can guide you. If you are not patient and continuously at a negative state allowing your ego to control, the Universe will ignore you until you trust the timing of life. Everything you need appears on time; therefore, be patient. The Universe has your back! 

Keep applying until you find the right job

Please, do not stop looking for the right job or career even after finding employment. So many make a mistake and quit looking for the right opportunity after getting hired. You could end up missing out on taking further action and potentially finding the right job or career that aligns with your purpose.

Don’t be afraid to try something different

If you come across opportunities that are different from your past experiences, do not be afraid to apply. There are many employers open to hiring people who are willing to learn! Why? People who are eager to learn something different tend to be enthusiastic and get the job well done. It is all about convincing the employer in the interview that you are a fast learner, efficient, and right for the job—ready to take on a new experience. 

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Being laid-off is difficult; however, take this time to really figure out what is next in your life. This is a period of transition—it’s neither good or bad—it is a time to release the old and welcoming something new.

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