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There are many misconceptions about Tarot cards, two being, they’re a tool to foretell the future, and only psychics can read them. There is more to the cards than one could imagine, and anyone can and should learn how to read Tarot. 

Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous and author of Material Girl, Mystical World, says that Tarot is like “Google for your soul… a way of tapping into your inner knowing.” Tarot encompasses our journey throughout life in its symbols. They are meant to provide insight into our inner wisdom and strengthen our awareness of what we deeply know within.

The Tarot deck has evolved over the years, and its exact origin is unknown, but there is proof that they were used in the fourteenth century in Europe to play card games. During the seventeenth century, Tarot started to be known as an Oracle in the basic form we know today— as a guidance that connects us to our soul.

By learning how to interpret the Tarot cards, we learn how our life is comprised of cycles—good and bad experiences. The Major Arcana cards represents life lessons that influence our lives and soul’s journey to enlightenment. The Minor Arcana cards show what happens in our daily lives and how it affects us. They represent our interactions, experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

Below are some reasons to convince you to learn how to read Tarot!

Anyone can learn how to read and interpret the cards

As mentioned, anyone can learn and should learn how to read Tarot. Learning how to interpret them is not hard; it just takes practice. There is no right or wrong meaning when interpreting the cards. It’s encouraged to trust your intuition and go with what feels right to you— it is one of the best ways to strengthen your inner wisdom.

Best deck to learn Tarot – Rider-Waite

Choosing the right Tarot deck can be overwhelming since there are many. It is highly recommended for beginners to use the Rider-Waite deck. If you find that the original Rider-Waite is a bit antiquated or ugly, there are hundreds of other contemporary Rider-Waite ‘themed’ decks.

Recommended Tarot Cards:

The cards strengthen your intuition

How? We are all connected to a universal of collective wisdom. The Tarot cards are a gateway to connecting with your intuition and tapping into the collective. It’s like connecting in with other minds, not just your own by picking up all sorts of intuitive messages through the Tarot cards and your connection with the collective wisdom.


Tarot can really help with giving an in-depth insight into how you really feel. Anytime you feel down, not yourself, overly stressed, or just need guidance, take a few minutes to ground yourself and consult with the cards. Remember, it is not the cards that have magic, it is you and your connection to the collective.

Gives you an overall understanding of a difficult circumstance!

Let’s say things are feeling odd at work. You have no idea why, but you sense something is off, by how your boss and the other managers are acting. Take a few minutes to center yourself, whether at home or even at work, pull one or three cards. The cards will guide you to discover what is really going on. You might pick the Nine of Swords, informing that you are paranoid and making things worse than they are. Or you may draw the reversed Death card, signaling that you are resisting change, which is preventing you from welcoming new opportunities. 

There are many spreads for different topics and situations

There are many different spreads. The most popular ones are spreads of three and the Celtic cross. However, as there is no right or wrong answer to interpreting the cards, there is no wrong way of creating your own spread depending on a situation or topic of interest. Click here to read more about how to create your own Tarot spread.

Biddy Tarot — Brigit Esselmont

For those interested and a little skeptical about learning how to read Tarot, we recommend you to check out the Biddy Tarot website. It is the best site for beginners to learn how to interpret all seventy-eight cards. Founder Brigit Esselmont (also creator of the Everyday Tarot) has been reading Tarot for over twenty years and helped millions around the world create a personal and intuitive connection with the Tarot cards through her courses, books, and online community.


Learning how to read and interpret Tarot cards helps us to instantly connect to the collective so we can access our inner wisdom and bring it into our conscious awareness. Tarot is not a tool to see into our future; instead, it advises us on what we need to be aware of at the present moment so that we know what actions to take for a better future outcome.

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