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What are subscription boxes?

They are boxes that contain an assortment of products – typically with a common theme, such as beauty boxes, pet boxes, or food boxes.  Your subscription automatically delivers to you periodically for the length of your subscription. The majority of the services keep each month’s specific box items a surprise and allows you to set subscriber preferences to personalize your box.

Read: Are Subscription Boxes Worth It? (Published: September 20, 2018)

Were the subscription services worth it?

Some subscription services are worth it, and some aren’t. While it was fun receiving packages frequently in the mail, I did not find it logical to personally continue all services. I ended up canceling Splendies, Sephora Play Box, Walmart Beauty Box, Earfleek, Birchbox, Book of the Month, Freshly, and Ellie. I only kept Athena Club and Stitch Fix.

Below is a list of Pros and Cons:


You receive something new in the mail every month!

Receiving something in the mail is always nice, especially when coming home from work, and there is a package waiting for you at your doorstep. It is something to look forward to, like a gift to yourself after a long day!

Fixed way of spending money

If you are a person that likes to know where your money goes at all times, then subscriptions might be something to look into. Some subscriptions are fixed, in which you pay a specific amount every week or month, depending on the service. For example, Freshly charges $60 a week for six meals of your choice. Or Athena Club, they’re a monthly subscription service that charges you depending on the size and quantity of the tampons or pads.

Cool products to try!

It is a sweet treat to try on new products, especially the beauty samples from Sephora Play, Walmart Beauty Box, and Birchbox. It is also a way to figure out what brands you like the most.

Saves you time from going to a store

Ah yes! Statically speaking, 60% percent of millennials shop online than in-store and will increase with the centennial generation. For those living a busy life and hardly have time to go physically to a store, subscription services are the best route. Amazon even now has subscription service options on many products, such as cleaning essentials, beauty products, and supplements.


Many products go unused!

Some products you may not generally use or even like.

Clutter—too much stuff!

Surprisingly, sample products tend to last for months, depending on how much you use— everyone is different. For instance, the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation sample lasted for three months. You might end up with dozen of unused foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, etc.—that was the main reason for ending all beauty subscriptions.

Subscription Increase

Unfortunately, most subscription services increase their weekly or monthly fee after a year of your subscription. For the most part, some subscription increases are relatively reasonable, but some tend to make a significant increase. For example, Birchbox originally was $10 a month, now the new prices range from $10 to $15 a month depending on whether you’re a new, current, or Ace VIP customer, and on the subscription duration (monthly, six-month, yearly).

You have to keep the products even if you do not like it

Some subscriptions do not allow returns on things that you don’t like or have use of. For example, you cannot return beauty products, the food you try from Freshly, or a book, from Book of the Month, that you begin to read to realize halfway through that it sucks. 


Subscription services are fun and becoming popular amongst millennials and centennials. It is an easy way to receive products and clothes while saving time from going to a store. However, it is NOT for everyone, which is why stores will never seize to exist— a relief to the folks who cannot and would not shop online—LOL. Nonetheless, if you are interested in subscribing to one of many services out there, do so!

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