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High vibe life means to live a happy and healthy lifestyle by making necessary long-term improvements that promote inner and external freedom of who you really are*. Even though attaining a high vibe life is not easy, everyone is capable of achieving it. It just takes patience and self-work.

If you want to live a high vibe life, below are sixteen ways to start your journey!


There are so many benefits when it comes to meditation. It is a tool that we should all practice daily. It helps us become aware of ourselves and everything around us. It opens our reality to many perspectives and possibilities that we’ve never thought about.

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Keeping your body active is the secret to overall good health, longevity, and happiness. Click here to read about many other benefits.

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Eat Healthily

Healthy eating plays a huge role in maintaining a healthy weight, which means a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, heart problems, high blood pressure, and a host of other health ailments. Click here to read about how to eat healthy.

Read Self-Help Books!

Reading triggers knowledge and wisdom. The more you read self-help books, the more you will understand the realm of possibilities in your life. You become aware of certain aspect of yourself that you’d never realized before.

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Patience means being able to wait calmly in the face of frustration or adversity. The more patience you have the more you will be able to conquer life. It is only with patience that good things happen.

Time for yourself

Having time for yourself is the best way to figure out who you are while doing the things you love to do.

Clean Home

Cleaning has many benefits because the time you spend cleaning, you are deploying energy and invigorating yourself physically in spirit while revitalizing your mind and emotions.

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Keep it real

We are conditioned to often hide our true selves, which is a form of self-repression. “Keeping it real,” means to be honest about who you really are no matter what others may think.

Build Self-Confidence

Being confident is achievable for everyone, just as long as you have the focus and determination to carry things through. And when you build your self-confidence, you also build success because your confidence will come from real, substantial achievement.

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Stay away from negative people

Negative people feed off and perpetuate misery because they are unhappy with their current circumstances and life; therefore, stay away or at least limit your relationship.

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is essential because it helps with realizing and understanding yourself internally as well as the external world. It also triggers your awareness and to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life.

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Connect to your spirit Guides

Spirit guides are archetypal forces that warn, support, comfort, remind and reveal things that we need to learn about ourselves to grow. A spirit guide can be an angel, animal, mythical creature, ancestor, ancient god or goddess, otherworldly entity, or inter-dimensional being. Click here to read about ways connect to your spirit guides.

Spend time in Nature

We are all part of nature. As humans, we are the closest thing to all things natural. By spending time on grass, near trees, ocean, etc., it helps rejuvenate and attune with your inner self.


Self-love means to treat yourself with respect and accepting who you are. Self-love begins with taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.

The practice of Awareness

I like to think of “awareness” as what you notice in life. It’s about paying attention in the details you pick up from your perception of the world. It’s your consciousness actively gathering and processing information from your environment. It’s how you experience life.

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Live in the NOW!

Living in the now is all you have. Without the present moment, there is no future. The past has already happened. The only thing to do now is to realize what you can do at this very moment that can make your life better. Nothing can happen without the current, the past is useful only to learn from. All you have moving forward is what is going on right now!


As mentioned, high-vibe living is not hard to achieve. All it takes is for you to realize that you are the creator of your own life. Be open to making healthy changes, if necessary. Once you do, you will open yourself to infinite possibilities.

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