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In celebrating my first anniversary as a blogger, I decided to write a post about why you should start one!

A blog is a personal site that enables one to express an opinion about a particular topic. I started a blog last year to build an author platform, but it became much more than that. I noticed that blogging has the power to change the world for the better. Its a hub of sharing information and experiences with like-minded people. If you’ve thought about starting a blog, do so! Below are some reasons why you should start one:

Share your Knowledge and Experience

Information is so powerful nowadays. We can Google any topic, and someone has had written an article or blog post about it. That is because we are prone and presume that we will find answers online — and in most cases, we do.

Be an Influencer

To be an influencer does not mean that you need to have a large number of people following you on social media, regardless of how it is defined online. Generally, to influence means being able to share your knowledge and experiences in a positive manner that can stimulate positive change.

You get to help spread awareness

Blogging is a great way to spread awareness. We are moving towards a period of intuitive enlightenment, which is why there are now many self-help books in the market than ever before.

Better writer

Writing skills are essential, and blogging can undoubtedly improve your writing significantly, especially when editing your work.

Meet like minded people

When you meet like-minded people, you are essentially creating a tribe. You will notice that you are not alone, and there are many others in the world going through similar circumstances. It is a beautiful thing to be able to help one another even if it’s through writing.


Blogging is a way to accelerate change and share information. It is one of the tools that is bringing a new form of freedom and truth.


When starting a blog, you are not only sharing your experiences with others– there is something more that is driving you to take the time to write. The more you explore this part of yourself, the more you understand who you are and be part of enlightening this evolving world.

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