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Good health differs for everyone. It is difficult to achieve for some, but everyone is capable of doing it– it depends on you. It is your own responsibility to be careful and conscientious about the products you use, the food you consume, and the lack of physical and mental activities.

We can be enlightened by the choices we make concerning our health. We can make the necessary changes to improve our lives for the better. While it may be difficult, know that by just opening up to improving your health, you are making a big difference.

Even though we are moving towards an era of encouraging good health, we still are surrounded by processed food, pesticide on our fruits and vegetables, pollution, and chemicals in products (such as body lotion, makeup, cleaning products, etc.) There is not one single product that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals unless it is Organic and USDA approved.

We are even conditioned to make choices that does not concord with our higher selves, such as the things we watch on television and advertisements. We are susceptible to things that harm us more than the things that would aide our health. Why? It originates from what we learn within our society and what we choose to believe.

Below are some suggestions to begin to transition to living a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways, and while I recommend you to do them all, you don’t have to right away. To have good (physical and mental) health is a process and a journey; therefore, take your time. Please note that these changes should not be something that you do temporarily; it is what you should adapt to do for the rest of your life.

Eat Organic Vegetables and Fruits

Organic fruits and vegetables have a higher nutritional value than conventional food. Organic farming reduces pollutants in groundwater and creates more fertile soil that aids plant growth while reducing erosion.

Most grocery stores are attempting to bring in organic produce. They often keep a separate organic vegetable and fruit section, but it is pricier than the non-organic produce.

The best way to eat organic fruits and vegetable is by growing them yourself. However, for the folks that live in a seasonal atmosphere, there are places you can get fresh organic fruits and vegetable for reasonable prices, such as a local farmers market.

Cut out or limit processed and fast foods

It is best to cut out processed and fast foods, but if that is not possible, then do your best to limit. Heavily processed foods often include unhealthy levels of added sugar, sodium, and fat. These ingredients make the food we eat taste better, but too much of them leads to serious health issues like obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Begin by limiting yourself from eating out and making your own meals from scratch instead. Try to stay away from canned food and look for varieties without salty sauces and sugary syrups. Compare label information and choose items with the lowest amounts of sodium and added sugars.

Knowledge about chemicals in all products

There are toxins in food, fruit, vegetables, beauty and hair products, clothing, and cleaning products, etc. These are the toxins that make us ill, especially as you age. Therefore, it is essential to have some knowledge about the chemicals that are in the products that you use every day because many of the products can cause the following:

  • poison enzymes so they don’t work properly.
  • displace structural minerals, resulting in weaker bones.
  • damage the organs.
  • damage DNA, which increases the rate of aging and degeneration.
  • modify gene expression.
  • damage cell membranes so they don’t respond properly.
  • interfere with hormones and cause imbalances.
  • impair your ability to detoxify—and this is the worst problem of all.

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Keeping your body active is the secret to overall good health, longevity, and happiness. Click here to read about other benefits.

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There are so many benefits when it comes to meditation. It is a tool that we should all practice daily. It helps us become aware of ourselves, and everything around us. It gives us perspective and opens our minds to different possibilities that we’ve never thought of before. It can even aide our physical health and among many things that I eager you to do your research and learn more.

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Go out into the sun and get some vitamin D! It is essential that you do because sunlight triggers and increases the release of serotonin, a hormone associated with boosting your mood and helping you feel calm and focused. Low levels of serotonin can lead to a high risk of depression.


Most of us spend our days constantly dehydrated to some degree, which affects the performance of the majority of our body. Nearly all of our systems do not function as well without the proper water intake. Your body is composed of about 60% water. The functions of these bodily fluids include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.


Self-awareness is crucial because it is what gives you a better understanding of yourself. You can experience yourself as a unique and separate individual that is part of a bigger picture– the Universe. Awareness empowers you to make changes and to build strength as well as identifying areas where you would like to make improvements.

Limit 5G network use

I highly recommend that you read about what is 5G network and how harmful it is. 5G network generates radiofrequency radiation that can damage DNA and lead to cancer; cause oxidation damage that can cause premature aging; disrupt cell metabolism, and potentially lead to other diseases through the generation of stress proteins. Click here to learn ways you could limit its use.


Self-love means to love yourself unconditionally and to accept who you are. Self-love begins with taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. By taking the steps suggested above to improving your health, are excellent ways of displaying love to yourself.


Good health means to take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Give yourself the attention needed and move towards transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. Be your own advocate for good health, and I promise that your life will improve for the better!

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