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Meditation is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. Our ancient ancestors meditated, Jesus, Moses, monks, priests, nuns, etc., meditate(d). In fact, praying is a form of meditation because you allow the mind to become silent from thought by listening to your inner voice speak to the Universe, Source Energy–God.

Meditation has the power to keep you connected to everything good outside and within yourself. With practice, you recognize truth, both internal and external. It brings you peace, and become unified with everything, whether it is a living or non-living substance.

In time, you will experience a tremendous change in your life, physically and in health. Your energy increases, you are in a better mood, you begin to be aware of who you are and clear of what is your purpose in life. Gradually, the sense of wholeness emerges — that is called enlightenment; in other words, to be awakened to the truth within and outside of yourself.

I will admit that meditation is not easy; that is why I share below what helped me get where I am today. If it hadn’t been for meditation, I would not have started this blog or written a novel. It is the tool that has propelled me to visualize my purpose and go after my passions.

What is Meditation? And why is it necessary Click here to learn more!

Start Meditating for at least five minutes twice a day

Meditating is hard. It is difficult to shut the ego up and let our souls, subconscious take over. To get better at meditation, you need to start by practicing. Begin by just taking five minutes every day to sit in silence and allow the body to ease tension through the breath.

Once you get into the habit, you will gradually change your perspective about yourself and life in general. Your mind and body will feel lighter and best of all, you will start to listen to your soul (subconsciousness) speak to you and guide you in any particular area in your life.

*I recommend adding two minutes each week until you can meditate (sit still with a quiet mind) for more than twenty minutes.

Find your spot to meditate

Finding the perfect spot to meditate, to me, is the most important. Why? Because it is essential to feel physically and emotionally comfortable. It is what I like to call a ‘safe haven.’ You can indeed meditate anywhere, but it will not be the same as setting time to meditate in your desired space with no or minimal distractions.

Use Crystal Stones while meditating

Using crystals is an excellent way to boost your meditation. For example, Clear quartz can aid focus and clarity, and other colored crystals can be used for chakra cleansing and stimulation. Many people have found that holding or being near a crystal or some other minerals can positively alter your consciousness.

The effect has not been measured scientifically and has not been proven, but many people have experienced and described it as I have.

Use an App for guidance

Using an app is helpful because it guides you through your meditation. I recommend using Calm or HeadSpace, but keep in mind that there are many other meditation apps. Find the one you feel most comfortable listening to– I love Laura Levitt’s voice. Her tone is soothing and genuinely relaxes and eases me to meditation.

Read books about meditation

To understand how and why meditation works, I highly suggest reading a book(s) on meditation. Go on Amazon. There hundreds of books. As mentioned, it is a practice that has been around for thousands of years– there is a reason for it. Having a historical perspective and knowledge can lead to a better understanding of why everyone on this planet (including you )should practice meditation.

Pray – talk to the Universe, Source Energy–God

Many are under the impression that when meditating, you have to have complete silence from thought, but it is not true. Part of meditation is for you to connect with the Universe/Source Energy/God and yourself within.

How do we connect to the Universe/Source Energy/God? By praying, we gradually build a relationship with the Universe /Source Energy/God. And over time, we begin to hear an inner voice that guides us in making the best decisions in our lives.


Meditation is the key to enlightening and awakening the mind of spiritual realms. It is the gateway to your inner and external truth.

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