How to Identify Your Soulmate

One essential aspect of human nature is that we all seek to love and be loved. For many, it is difficult to find a soulmate, but for others, it is easy. It is a mystery, but there is a reason for it. To find your soulmate, you have to be aligned with your self-worth. In other words, the Universe needs to know that you are intuitively aware and ready to meet your soulmate.

What does it mean to be intuitively aware? The process differs for everybody, depending on your experiences. But it means to heal from past wounds, know what you want for yourself and relationships, and self-worth.

Now the question becomes, how do you know who is your soulmate and who isn’t when you are out in the dating pool? I did ask that question many times, before meeting my husband. But the answer to that is, you simply know. You will feel it in your gut.

Below I share how you could identifying your soulmate or what you should be looking for.

Meeting someone unexpectedly “Letting the Universe take care of it.”

I met my husband while running on Randall’s Island on a Sunday morning–an Island between Upper Manhattan and Astoria, Queens. I was single at the time and openly dating other men. But the moment I met my husband, I knew he was the one.

I instantly recognized that the Universe had placed us on that Island on purpose. It felt magical. After three weeks of dating, we made it official. Then within one entire year, we moved in together and got married.

When you allow the Universe to work its magic, it feels like everything flows and comes together naturally. But first, the Universe needs to know that you are ready for that new phase in your life. As mentioned, it all comes down to your self-worth.

They seem familiar to you

I am a true believer that a soulmate is someone you have once encounter before, whether in person or in a dream. It is like an indication that your soulmate is right under your nose, but you are unaware of their existence.

The fascinating thing is that when you begin to know each other, you’ll find out interesting coincidences– my husband and I had many, such as having lived on the same avenue and shopped at the same Target store for five years. And we were in each other’s dreams weeks before we met.

The familiarity of your soulmate can also be from knowing each other in your past lives. Maybe you couldn’t be together then, but you are allowed to do so in this life.

Instant Chemistry

From the moment you meet, you are instantly smitten. It feels right. It is the way you look at each other that gives it away– the body language and expression. Feeling nervous, excited, and confused is part of it, and a good thing– your body and soul is reacting –that is what you call instant chemistry.

Feeling mutually comfortable with each other

There is no need to try hard and feel insecure. When you are around each other, it lifts your spirits so much that nothing matters. Also, being able to quickly be oneself is very important, such as throwing a fart, which should not be a problem. Besides, we all do it!

There is trust– no need to ever worry about infidelity

With today’s instant messaging, I have noticed the stress levels of both men and women when they don’t hear from one another, which is based on insecurity. A soulmate should make you feel secure at all times. Even when they are not around because a soulmate has you on their mind– you sense their energy and love.

Both are sexually synced

This is very important because all men and women have a different sexual preference. So when sex is equal on both ends, of course, it is a good sign.

Supports Each other’s goals and ambitions

Having a soulmate means the potential of spending the rest of your lives together. Soulmates are always be supportive. They want the best for you no matter what it is, as long as it is beneficial and never harmful.

Both see a future together and often speak about it

When speaking effortlessly of the future, it is because you both envision it. It is part of making a plan together and taking action when the time is right. It all happens naturally and with no effort.

A good and healthy balance

Balance is different for every couple. It is an inclusion of everything said above plus harmony. That is, knowing how to balance each other personally, especially when disagreements happen, and financially if you live together.


There is a soulmate for everyone. Be patient, have self-worth, and trust in the Universe.


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