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I am trying to figure the best way to start this blog post. What I am trying to do is add on to the knowledge that many are trying to make– that is teaching true knowledge within–spiritual awakening.

I think that I have been spiritually connected since I was very young from my interests in crystals. I am not sure and can’t recall when I became fascinated with stones, the only thing I can link my fascination is a book about birthstones I remember I had when I was, perhaps eight years old. During that time I had claimed that turquoise was my favorite crystal because it was my birthstone. And for many years after, I bought and wore turquoise jewelry.

I was brought up Catholic, but I never understood religion, and it bored me. I dreaded going to mass on Sunday mornings, and let me not tell you about the years I had to spend at Sunday School just to get my communion and confirmation certificates– which to this day, I don’t’ know what good it does to have them.

After many years, I have figured that as a child, I was following my gut. As I got older I began to see similarities in all religions, and I questioned, where did religious ideas come from? Something in me knew there is more than we are being told. Now that I am an adult, I am discovering so much about where we come from and about Universal consciousness– something that we have never been taught, but gradually moving towards understanding and practicing. If you would like to know more, I highly recommend reading Spiritual Science by Aage Nost. His book is introductory to awaken your awareness and knowledge about yourself, us, and the universe.

As you become more aware your life will seem different; it will improve because you will be able to understand how Universal Consciousness works and how to use it to your advantage. I am still learning, and I am no expert yet, but this is why I decided to create this new page on my blog. It is my way to share what I learn and at the same time, as I teach you, the better I get at understanding. Side note, if you ever want to become an expert at something, teach it to someone else, and you will see how well your knowledge and understanding increases.

I could do many things on my day off, like right now; it is a Sunday afternoon, and instead of watching a movie or reading a novel, which I will eventually, I am sitting on my couch trying to make sense about something important, not only to me but for everyone else–true knowledge and spiritual awakening.

The only way you can improve is by learning, period. Just because you spend the first two decades of your life in school, does not mean that it is all there is to learn. Let me tell you that everything we have learned in school is wrong. I am not going to get into detail, I will eventually talk about it, but for now, know that many of the things you’ve learned to this day, is not true and incorrect.

Do me a favor and learn about Nikola Tesla. Netflix has an excellent documentary you could watch. Start with that and see how you feel. I am sure that you will begin to question so much about the world– trust me. It is all mind-blowing, but we are moving towards a Revolution of Consciousness. It is a revolution and enlightenment of the minds of millions of people being awakened every day, thanks to the Information Age.

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