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You don’t need to go to the gym to be in shape. I haven’t had a gym membership for over three years, and I am in better shape now than I was when I had one.

Gymnasiums are not for everyone. For starters, the cost of gym memberships are so high — or having to exercise in front of others is uncomfortable. Have you ever noticed yourself look at someone more in shape and feel crappy for comparing yourself to them? Or have you seen others comparing themselves to you?

I can’t afford to have a membership, and I hate to work out in front of other people. So, I looked for ways to work out at home and not have to pay or go to the gym. The best part of exercising at home, you won’t have an excuse not to exercise. You can’t use the rain, snow, it’s too cold, or that it may be too crowded as excuses to not go to the gym.

The secret to staying in shape with or without a gym membership is commitment and consistency from your part. In other words, get the fuck up and do it. Being in shape does not just mean to be physically fit; it also means being healthy– so stop being lazy.

Below, are ways you can also be in shape if you can’t afford to go to the gym and prefer to work out alone.

Work out Equipment

  • DumbbellsStart with low weights that is comfortable for you and build your strength gradually.
  • Kettlebell (optional) – Kettlebells can get you total-body toning, increased cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening, and improved posture and balance—without a significant time investment.
  • Yoga MatAny mat with good grip!
  • Aerobics step (optional) – it is an amazing tool to break a sweat.
  • Electronic device It is needed for music and to watch and follow workout videos.

Good Workout Space

You do not need a lot of space to workout. If you lay down on the floor and spread your legs and arms wide and far out as possible, this will create enough space for you to exercise. If there is no space in your home or apartment, then make space. If I can work out in my bedroom that is under 200 square feet, so can you!

Clear Wall

Having a clear wall is not necessary but recommended for wall sitting. Wall sitting is a great work out; it:

  1. Burns a lot of calories.
  2. Works out your entire lower body.
  3. Increases your endurance.
  4. Is an alternative to squats.

Free Workouts: Apps, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

Other than buying workout equipment, you don’t need to spend a dime. You have access to free workouts by downloading workout apps on your phone, and across all social media platforms. I follow many fitness trainers and have learned so much from their posts and stories.

Gillian Michaels Workout Videos

I love love love Gillian Michaels. When I started working out from home, I watched and did all of her exercise videos. You can stream her videos on Amazon, or purchase the DVDs. Gillian’s workouts are, for the most part, intermediate level; however, she also shows alternative workout moves for beginner and advanced levels.

A routine

You must set a routine and stick to it. I suggest to work out when you have the most energy. Also, determine how long your workouts will be; for instance, I usually exercise in the mornings five times a week for thirty to forty minutes. If the time you set does not work after doing it for a while, try a different time.

Commitment and Consistency

Without commitment and consistency, there is no progress, generally speaking. Therefore, never give up. Once you start to push yourself, particularly on days that you don’t want to exercise, you will feel great every time you finish a workout.


You can be in shape and excellent health. All you have to do, is do it. The worst that could happen, you will look and feel amazing. When you notice the benefits, it will become a routine that you’ll love and enjoy doing for the rest of your life.


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