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I started my blog for three reasons:

  1. Become a better writer.
  2. Build an author platform.
  3. Spread knowledge and awareness.

Blogging is a way for people to spread information, build their business, or to just self-reflect and write– a place to share your thoughts to the world. I started my blog six months ago, and I realized that there is more to blogging than what I had thought.

Blogging is a commitment, and can quickly become overwhelming, and take a lot of your time. I am not trying to discourage you if you are reading this in hopes of starting a blog. I want to make sure that you are doing this because it is something that you are intentional and passionate about.

Whatever your reason is to start a blog, make sure you are clear and know WHY you are doing it. Is it purposeful to you and others? Because blogging is a source of information, and what you put out there will only get attention and foot traffic if your purpose and intentions are in the right place– readers could always tell.

Your goal is to build, what I like to call, a community or tribe. You want to create content that will make people come back to your blog for more.

Below are twelve important things you should know about blogging.

1.You have to have passion for writing.

Most bloggers are writers. If you are looking into blogging, you have to have a passion for writing. It is impossible to be committed and consistent if you don’t like to write.

If you do not want to write, but would like to start a blog for your business, create an affiliate program so that other bloggers, either write a blog post to link your products or ask other bloggers to guest post on your website.

2. Interesting Content

It is tricky to come up with interesting content. But it can be reasonably simple– your content should be based on what you are passionate about– be unique, honest, and authentic. Please, do not take advice from those who say to look at what other bloggers are doing; it is way better to be genuine and write about what matters to you.

3. Commitment

Blog posts will not write themselves unless you have guest bloggers write articles for you. Being committed to blogging means dedication, hard work, and focus.

4. Consistency

Consistency and commitment come hand in hand. To be consistent, you have to be committed to blogging.

5. Budget at least $500 to begin with.

To make your blog successful, you will have to invest in it from the beginning. If possible, save at least $500 or more. Trust me; you will need it!

6. WordPress Business Account is a must!

Getting a WordPress Business Account is critical to your blog, from the start. Why? Because business account will give you access to SEO tools and other functions that Basic and Premium does not do.

7. SEO knowledge! (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of getting traffic from search results on search engines. It can be somewhat complicated, but with WordPress business account, SEO tools are made easy. I highly suggest having some knowledge first. You can either get more information here or purchase The Sassy Way to Ranking #1 in Google with SEO When You Have No Clue by Gundi Gabrielle.

8. Social Media Marketing Strategies

Just because you start a blog, does not mean that you will automatically get people to invest time to read your blog posts or buy your products; therefore, learning about social media marketing and strategies are extremely essential to your blog’s success. I recommend that you read The Sassy Way To Social Media Marketing by Gundi Gabrielle– she concisely highlights what you need to know.

9. Spell and Grammar check is important!

Please, please, please spell check! Also, read and edit your blog posts and make sure that it’s grammatically correct. If you are like me and often have trouble with grammar, I recommend Grammarly. It has helped with grammar and spell check. If you subscribe for $30 a month, Grammarly makes suggestions to your vocabulary and sentence structure.

10. Write about things that you know and experienced.

Writing about what you already know is the best way to make your content stand out. People look up to people who have gone through experiences. Share your experiences and see how quickly people will connect with you. Readers want an authentic story, something that is moving and resonates with them in a positive, wholesome way.

11. Be concise and straight forward, unless otherwise.

Being concise when writing a blog post could be difficult, especially if you have so much to say. Start by outlining important topics and work from there. Try to write short paragraphs; three to four sentences should be enough.

Unless you are writing a story, stay away from being too descriptive and wordy. Informational blogs are meant to inform; therefore be straightforward– just give them what they need. We live in a rushed world, with little or no time to read, give your readers enough info, but do not overwhelm them.

12. Patience! It takes time to build readership– sometimes years.

Patience is a virtue, and you are going to need it! Blogging is a lot of work. There will be days that you will question your reason for doing it, especially if you are not getting enough followers and readers within a few months of blogging. Guess what? It is normal! Do not give up–be patient. It will get better as long as you are consistent, have passion and purpose.


Blogging is relatively a new source of spreading information and a tool for business. It could have the potential to be successful, but it needs your good intentions and commitment.


What did you have trouble most when you started your blog?

Understanding SEO and Social Media Marketing. I had to teach myself and still learning.

How do you manage to work full-time and blog?

Being patient and squeezing in two hours a day to work on my blog. However, there are times that I can only squeeze thirty minutes.


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