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¬†Answer: Yes! However, there are no tips or tricks to meeting your soulmate– you won’t know until it happens. Everyone meets their soulmate when the time is right. While some meet their soulmate at a young age, others meet them when they are much older. Whenever it happens, you’ll know; it is an amazingly unique experience.

1. You meet unexpectedly– ‘the right place at the right time.’

The best and long lasting relationships are unexpected ones. The other person somehow crosses your path, in most cases, at the right moment and time in your life.

2. There is instant chemistry.

Chemistry is the vibe you get from the other person, an instant connection that feels good in your gut. It makes you wonder and become curious to know more about the person because the sensation you feel around them is uniquely right and it drives you.

3. It is effortless from the beginning.

Everything in life happens for a reason; therefore, a good relationship occurs effortlessly because it is meant to be.

4. It just feels right.

Whether you met the person for the first time or have gone out with them many times, you still feel good when you are in their company. And every time, it keeps getting better.

5. There are mutual acceptance and understanding.

Accepting and understanding anyone is crucial whether it’s someone you love or someone you work with, but referring to soulmates, acceptance, and understanding is unfortunately limited, but that’s ok. It is better to be with someone you can fully accept and understand, rather spend the rest of your life trying.

Examples of what to accept and understand:

  1. habits
  2. attitudes
  3. beliefs
  4. religion
  5. Personality traits, etc.

6. Similar interests.

Similar interests are essential to have because they are generally fun things to do or activities that bring you together positively and productively.

7. You are both comfortable around each other.

Feeling comfortable is a good sign. It often means that there are good intentions. Being comfortable allows you to be yourself and enjoy each other’s company.

8. Both see a future together.

It is okay to speak about it, even early in the relationship. Be honest about your expectations and what you want. If that person is your true soulmate, then it is meant to be.


Don’t spend your life trying to find your soulmate and don’t force it. Let the universe do its magic. When you often let things run its natural course, things will graciously happen.


How did you meet your significant other?

I met Pete, now my husband, while running on Randall’s/ Ward’s Islands. 

Did you know your husband was the one when you met him?

Yes, when running back home just after having met Pete, I thought to myself he’d be someone I’d marry– and I did. 

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