10 Reasons Reading Everyday is Important

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I’m fascinated by people that are confident when speaking in a crowd. They are smart and knowledgeable. They are the ones who everyone stares and listens to in awe because whatever they’re saying is riveting.

An example of the type of person I am trying to paint a picture of is the character, writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper), in the movie Limitless. The scenes I am referencing are when Eddie begins taking a drug that produces enhanced mental acuity.

The drug changes Eddie from a dead beat writer to an intelligent, confident author and financial tycoon. Everyone and anyone who meets Eddie becomes fascinated with his intellect. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t a drug that enhances mental acuity; however, reading a lot can certainly do it. We can too have limitless intelligence like Eddie– the key is to READ every day!

Reading is important because not only does it develop our minds, it perpetuates infinite wisdom while keeping our minds active. How? Books are capable of holding and maintaining all kinds of information, stories, thoughts, and feelings unlike anything else in this world.

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Before tablets, cell phones, television, mp3 players, reading was a dominant function. For years it was how people entertained themselves. Nowadays, it is no longer a source of entertainment. Technology and media replace it. We are likely to sit on a bench, look at Instagram stories than reading a book.

The more you read, the more you will understand the world and how it works, and in turn, make you a savvy-intelligent-successful person. It is up to you to begin to read often and make it a habit this year. Because when you do, you will notice how much you evolve and become a better version of yourself. Start today and make it a goal to read at least one book a month!

Below I list other reasons why reading is essential:

Builds vocabulary and understanding

By using context clues or looking up words when you don’t know what they mean, it helps strengthen your vocabulary. Makes it easier to comprehend hard to understand documents, such as legal contracts or insurances.

Develops the mind

The mind is a muscle and needs exercise. Reading helps to stretch your memory muscles that require you to remember details, facts, figures, plot lines, themes, and characters.

Discover new things

Whether its a book about learning how to do something specific or a novel, you always learn something new. In many cases, authors usually write books in hopes to get their point across or teach a lesson.

Develops imagination and the creative side of people

Reading broadens your imagination by stimulating the right side of your brain. It opens your mind to new possibilities and ideas, helping you experience and analyze the world.

Gain Experience of other people

Every book is written with intention, particularly by a person who has significant experience of a topic or genre.

Decreases Stress

Reading can relax your body by lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%.

Helps with concentration and focus

Reading forces you to use your brain; helping you to reason things out. When reading a book, you are concentrating, thereby enhancing your focus.

Improves your memory

As mentioned, the mind is a muscle, and reading is like a workout. Therefore reading exercises the mind. The more you read, the more information your brain retains.

Increases your communication skills

One of the most critical skills to have nowadays when owning a business or for a well-paying job is to have excellent written and verbal communication. Reading certainly strengthens that ability.

Boosts self-confidence

Reading makes you intelligent, which often stimulates confidence. Also, there are countless blogs (like this one) and books that could help build your self-esteem.


Reading is important, and we are given the gift to read and learn. So why not take advantage? Why not pursue to be smarter and wiser? Reading is a powerful tool. Knowledge doesn’t end when you finish school; it continues throughout life.


How often do you read?

I read every day for one hour.

How do you keep yourself accountable?

I read more than one book at a time. Also, I am subscribed to Book of the Month.

What genres do you like to read?

Any books or novels that are inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. Therefore, I stick to Romance novels, self-help, and spiritual books. I avoid reading stories that are negative and have no happy ending.

Do you have book recommendations?

Yes, so many! For that reason, I decided to create a page for all the books I recommend. (Click here) Please note, I will only recommending happy books and novels– stories that are motivating and inspirational.


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