5 Benefits and Practical Ways To Clean Your Home

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Let’s be honest; cleaning isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. Often we find it a waste of time or don’t have time at all. However as tedious as it can be, having a clean home is extremely important. Not only is cleaning good because it freshens up your home but also it helps maintain both mental and physical health.

I grew up in a clean household and never really considered the benefits of it until moving out and living on my own. My mom was very strict about it and made sure to teach my brother and me how to clean thorough and well. She always stressed that you could not entirely live happily at home if your house is messy and unclean.

Cleaning does not take up too much time or effort. If you are still skeptical and saying to yourself that you are too busy to squeeze in time? You are making excuses; I am 100% sure that you can schedule time. Below I share five benefits and practical ways of maintaining your apartment clean. I guarantee that once you begin to clean your apartment frequently, you will reward yourself and feel relaxed, energized, and accomplished.

5 Benefits

1. Enhances the aesthetic of your home.

Having nice things in your home is not what makes your home look nice– it is maintaining it clean. Cleaning refreshes your home and makes it feel and look vibrant.

2. Improves mental clarity.

Of course living in a clean environment stimulates mental clarity, but even more so while doing the cleaning itself. For example, something as benign as washing the dishes can become a mindfulness activity.

3. Deters stress

Notably, cleaning can serve as an outlet for mental and emotional well-being through its ability to relieve stress. It is a simple routine that can positively redirect your thoughts, revitalize your mental state and order your mind.


4. Great Workout!

Think about it; mopping the floor, arranging seats, dusting and cleaning dishes involves a lot of movement. You can burn a lot of calories while cleaning!

5.Makes your home feel homely.

Cleaning your home makes it feel homely and welcoming– a place to kick back and relax.

5 Practical Ways

1. Focus on an area.

By focusing on an area at a time, makes it easier to clean and does not take too much of your time– as suppose to cleaning everything at once and exhausting yourself. Start by cleaning your bedroom on Saturday morning, and then go on to clean the living room the following day or week.


2. Declutter

When your home is cluttered; you can often feel a sense of anxiety or confusion from the state of disarray. Improve your condition by getting rid of things you no longer need. Decluttering will bring order to your surroundings and effectively order to your mind.

3. Maintain things organized!

Once you declutter, keep your home organized. You can do so by purchasing storage boxes, putting things right away, making your bed every morning, never leaving your dishes unwashed, folding and placing your clothes neatly in your closet or drawer, etc.

4. Use products that make cleaning easy.

The following list of items is what I use to clean my apartment and highly recommend for you to try them out:

5. Clean every week.

I know you may say that you’d hate to clean every week. But do it! Why? It makes it easier and takes less time.  If you let your furniture and floor collect dirt and dust for extended periods, it will take longer to clean. Duh!


Cleaning has many benefits because the time you spend cleaning, you are deploying energy and invigorating yourself physically in spirit while revitalizing your mind and emotions. Your sadness and anxiety will blow away, and you’ll be inspired to seek out joy and peace. You will feel renewed, energized and ready to take on any challenge in life.


How often and how long do you clean?

I clean weekly. I usually clean the bedroom and Living room on Friday evenings and the Kitchen and Bathroom on Saturday mornings. Each room takes 30 to 40 minutes.


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